About Us

Competitive Strengths

As one of the top five IT solution and service providers in Hong Kong, we have the IT solutions and services experience for over 25 years and offer comprehensive IT solutions and services to our customers. Our IT integration solutions and IT infrastructure solutions with an aim to provide one-stop IT services to cater for customers’ needs. We believe that the following competitive strengths of our company have contributed to our success to date.
Comprehensive IT solutions and services to cater for customers’ needs
We offer an array of integrated IT solutions and services to our customers from designing and implementing IT systems, developing software to on-going maintenance and support, IT related project management and provision of IT training. To enhance our customer’s flexibility and efficiency, we also offer secondment services to our customers. With good understanding of our customers’ businesses, products and industries, we choose from our pool of staff with different skill-sets carefully. The selected staff can be deployed to our customers’ office to serve them exclusively and directly. Our seconded staff are well equipped with the specific skill-sets and technical support in order to meet our customers’ needs. Different from general hardware and software vendors who only have a broad-brush understanding of various IT products, our IT infrastructure solutions consist of a wide mix of hardware and software products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We believe that the comprehensiveness of the IT product portfolio in our IT infrastructure solutions provides our customers with convenience, flexibility and efficiency, thereby allowing us to build long term business relationships with our customers.
Well-established partnership with international IT product vendors
We has built up long term relationships with international IT product vendors. These IT product vendors also provide us with necessary technical support to market their products into our IT solutions and services. With recognized achievements in marketing our suppliers’ products, we received various awards and recognitions from different IT product vendors.
Reputable and established customer base as well as solid relationships with business partners
We have a solid customer base consisting of renowned businesses spanning across many sectors in Hong Kong. Our main customers belong to the HKSAR government; finance, banking, and insurance; construction and engineering; logistics and transportation; and multinational enterprises. During the Track Record Period, we served hundreds of customers each year. We have also developed and maintained relationships with business partners for whom we act as subcontractor to collaborate in delivering IT application and solution development to our end customers. We have developed and maintained a good reputation among our customers and service providers for high quality services and ability to deliver large scale and complex IT solutions in a timely manner.
Experienced management and professional team
Our dedicated management team develops effective strategies for maintaining the growth of our Group’s business. The team is assisted by members of the senior management and the professional team who are well versed in IT knowledge directly. Members of our management team have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry and business management. Our project managers and the technical team that they lead possesses in-depth knowledge in IT as well as a thorough understanding in IT trends and requirements of different industries. Given our Group’s extensive experience in the IT industry and a proven track record in delivering IT solutions and services to customers across different industries, we have been able to attract the talent to remain competitive in the changing market and continue our success and business growth. Besides, our proactive sales and marketing team communicates closely with customers to find out their changing needs. In addition, our team is required to follow our quality management standard, which streamlines our work and safeguards the quality of our work.